A Day In the Life: Florida Vacation 

Hey y’all! I hope you are all having a fabulous summer!! Ben and I are lucky enough to be spending a month in my gorgeous hometown of Sarasota, FL! The other day, we decided to take a walk across the bridge to St. Armand’s Circle and catch Pokémon! Yes, we are Pokémon Go players! Go Yellow!! It was worth the 6 mile round trip and the terrible sunburn! PSA: Don’t do outdoor exercise in a boat neck! #whoopsiedoodle 

When we got to St. Armand’s, we stopped at Columbia for lunch. It originated in Tampa in 1905, and seems to have kept its old fashioned Spanish charm! We see more Mexican restaurants than Spanish/Cuban in Oklahoma, so it was a wonderful change of pace! We both started with the 1905 salad, which deserved every one of its awards. Then, Ben had a Cuban sandwich, while I opted for what was basically a Spanish version of Eggplant Parmigiana! Both were DELICIOUS!!! We had no room left for dessert, though we will be back to sample the extensive dessert list! If you are in Tampa or Sarasota, you will not be sorry for eating here!! 

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