The Teacher Swimsuit Struggle

Since we have been in a beach town all month, we’ve spent plenty of time in our swimwear! I am a naturally modest dresser, so finding cute swimsuits that cover what I want covered can be a struggle!! 

As teachers, we need to be careful of the image we put out to the world. Yes, we all like to let loose a little bit on vacation, but I don’t want a picture of my practically naked body accidentally ending up in the hands of students or their parents! While in your own community, I believe it imperative to present a clean image, because any of your kids could be at the community pool. 

Disclaimer: Though I am all for people doing whatever empowers them, modesty is something I personally strive for in my own life!! This is in no way judging people, even teachers, who feel differently about their public appearance! That being said, here are my personal tips:

  • Find a one piece with little details that show off your personality! Mine has an adorable bow on the front!!
  • If you love the water and have the means, think about spending a little more for a quality suit (Mine is Kate Spade!)
  • If you feel that your bottom half is falling out, a swim skirt works wonders!
  • Dance your heart out in the dressing room to make sure everything stays in place!
  • Crazy straps can be fun, but think about the tan lines you want!
  • Try adding a fun sun hat to spice it up! 

Here is mine! It is not available anymore, as it is two years old! 

I also found an adorable and on-trend budget option available at Target!
Which swimsuits do you swear by? Let me know in the comments!!


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