Don’t Rain on My Parade!

Do rainy days get you down? Do you want to cuddle up with coffee, blankets, and Harry Potter all day instead of going to work?

Me too!

Unfortunately, the world doesn’t quite work like that! If it did, my lovely Washington friends would be severely underemployed. πŸ˜‰ We simply have to be prepared for those days and find fun ways to stay motivated. I had orientation for Edmond Public Schools today! (Yay for switching districts!) Due to dreary weather, I had to be my own sunshine! My secret weapon:


And also a pretty adorable work outfit!

Button down: Antilia Femme
Pants: Loft

Tied Scarf: Hand me down from my aunt!

Pumps: Nine West

Let me know in the comments how you beat the rainy day blues! Or let me know if you absolutely love these days! 

See you soon!

πŸ’•Shelby πŸŽ€

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