Church and After!

Today was our first time back at our church since we were in Florida for the summer! We love our church and were so excited to be back! The summer schedule puts late service an hour earlier, but we actually like it better because we have more of our day after church! At church, I like to dress conservatively but still put my fun personality into it! I am also super old school in that I always want to show up in my Sunday best! Dresses with cute patterns and cardigans usually do the trick! And don’t forget the heels!! I just make sure that the length of the dress works for all the sitting, standing, and kneeling! Here is my outfit:

Dress: From a thrift store in Florida! 
Cardigan: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Nine West

Belt: Altar’d State

Bag: Fossil

Accessorized with classic pearls and Rustic Cuff! 

I was also really excited to get back to our tradition of having lunch after church! Some weeks we have a nice brunch, and other times we grab fast food!! It depends on our mood, but we always do it!! Today we went casual with Raising Canes!! Their sauce is my favorite for dipping chicken, and the service at the one on Second in Edmond is PHENOMENAL!!  

Do y’all have any weekend traditions? Let me know in the comments! And enjoy what is left of your weekend!
💕Shelby 🎀

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