Country Club Event!

So, I work for an awesome school district! Since I am just joining Edmond Public Schools this year, I got to come to the new teacher reception at the beautiful Oak Tree Country Club!! Like, we will be joining sometime in the next decade! It is that awesome! Our amazing administrative team was all there, and it was such a great experience! I’m thankful to be employed in Edmond! 

Summer is coming to a quick end, and this was likely my last summer event before school officially starts! Choosing an outfit was a trip, because it was a summer country club event that was also affiliated with my work! I needed something a little more summer-dressy and fun, while still showing professionalism! I have said it a million times on here, and I’ll say it again: Conservative dress is of the utmost importance in a professional setting! In reality, when you are an educator, pretty much everywhere is a professional setting! I posted before about never going wrong with a Lilly. Confession: I am obsessed with Lilly dresses and own 7! 🙈 Maybe it’s a Floridian thing! Here is what I chose:

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer, of course!
Cardigan: Eliza J

Sandals: Jack Rogers

Bag: Kate Spade

Accessorized with classic pearls and pink and green bracelets to match my dress!!

On the beauty side, I kept my makeup soft and pastel to match my whole look, and my curls are softer than usual. My mother in law taught me how to blow dry with a round brush, and I love the way it makes my curls a bit more tame without straightening them out! I did Big Sexy Hair to lift my roots, a heat protector spray, and an anti-frizz shine spray to style! Here is a close-up!

The event was a success, and I hope my look was too! Y’all have a fabulous evening!! Enjoy that last bit of summer, especially students and teachers! 

💕Shelby 🎀

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