Crazy Week Roundup!

Wooo!! This week has been a doozy! From professional development to the first day of school at both of my jobs, I am so thankful to have this weekend to play! This post offers snippets into the week and the fabulous weekend!


While getting ready for school to start, the 16th happened! Our wedding anniversary is on the 16th of January, and we are definitely that couple that still celebrates monthaversaries like a couple of teenagers! This week was also his first week of his law school semester, so we celebrated with pizza and Netflix! We didn’t even snap a pic! Hey, still counts! Happy 2 years and 7 months of marriage! ๐Ÿ˜


First day of school!!! First day of school!!!! All the hard work has finally paid off!! We had an incredible first day, and I LOVE my students and colleagues! I also have the best administrative team EVER!! Shoutout to you if you are reading! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Here I am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!! Btw, I am LOVING my Kendra Scott choker!!! The rose gold is gorgeous!

Bless the Lord! Finally the weekend!!! Hubs and I were grateful for some quality time together!! We had some coffee at Hank’s in OKC and then headed over to Arcadia for Pops! Ben had never been before, and he loved it!! If you like burgers and soda and have never been, GO!! You can get some ridiculous sodas! There can be a wait, but we just sat outside to be served right away! 

Tourist picture for the heck of it! Hard to tell, but I am wearing a super fun Dana Buchman tunic! It reminds me of the ’60s! 

We ended the day with Heard on Hurd with my best friend Bri! It’s the music and food truck fair that happens once a month in downtown Edmond! Those awesome El Reno onion burgers were our choice, as well as Coit’s root beer!! Then, Bri and Ben got me hooked on this mini donut food truck! I just got vanilla glazed with sprinkles, and they rocked my world! Seriously, go to one of these events! They are the 3rd Saturday evening of every month! Always a great time!


Ahhh, today was awesome as well! I think hats in church should be brought back! I saw it still being done at the Episcopal church in Sarasota, and we did come from the Church of England, AKA the land of awesome hats! I made it happen today! 

This is later in Bricktown, but you get the picture!
Dress: One Faith Boutique in Yukon

Cardigan: Ann Taylor

Shoes: Nine West

Hat: A consignment shop in Sarasota! Yay vintage!!

Bag: Coach

Accessories: Rustic Cuff, Kate Spade, classic pearls, Fossil

After church lunch this week was Bourbon St. Cafe in Bricktown! We had never been and were super excited to try it! The speed of service was a little disappointing, considering it was not busy, and Ben had to get food remade because it came out cold, but the food ended up being pretty delicious and our server was super nice! I got the pork belly eggs Benedict and loved it! Plus, it was one of the few places I know of here that makes a great mint julep! What can I say, I’m old school! 

I will have to do a bit of work tonight, but I can’t complain! I am writing this from the pedicure chair at La Fleur!! 
I hope you guys had a great week and weekend! What did y’all do? Let me know in the comments!! 

See you soon!!


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