Like Mother, Like Daughter (in-law)

Y’all! I am obsessed with my mother-in-law! No exaggeration! Some of you know that I lost my mother at 14 and was adopted by my aunt and uncle after that. Well, my aunt/adoptive mom is great, but she lives in Washington state! Luckily, I married into a wonderful family and am super close to my mother-in-law! It makes the hard times without my late mother much easier! Plus, she lives right outside of Tulsa, so we see each other a couple times a month! 

We stayed there this weekend and had a fabulous time! She made me a classroom sign and shopped for home/classroom decor all yesterday! Today Ben, his mom, and I went to church at Christ Church, a local Episcopal church. We loved it, and the priest comes from our home church in Edmond!! Small world!! I had to make this post, because our styles are so similar! We both wore floral dresses, Kendra Scott, and Rustic Cuff!! I love it! We have several legit matching pieces that I’m sure will make it on here at some point, but today we are just similar! 

Fun fact: She is such a strong fighter! She is finishing up her chemo, and she never lets it get her down! Her hair is already growing back and looking fabulous!! Get it!! 

One thought on “Like Mother, Like Daughter (in-law)

  1. I love your dress Shelby! 🙂 I had no idea about your mom. I’m in the same spot with my dad. Your pictures are so great!! It looks like so much fun!


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