Labor Day Weekend: Part 2

I alreay shared the most significant part of my Labor Day Weekend in my last post, but I did plenty of other fun stuff! We split the weekend between Guymon and Amarillo and were with Ben’s old college buddies! 

We got to Guymon on Saturday and went to a baby gender reveal party for two of Ben’s old friends!!! It is going to be a boy!! We are so excited for them to have their first baby! 

I wore this to send off summer in style! Last  weekend for summery Lillys and Jacks!! #lillyandjacks #myOTP
We then had some awesome sushi for an INCREDIBLE price! I got a sashimi dinner for 20 bucks!! Panhandle prices are amazing!

Mmm! Osaka is awesome!
The next day we made a couple stops before the Big Texan! We got a couple things at the mall in Amarillo and went to the Cadillac Ranch! I had never been! You get to spray paint on old cars!

So cute! 😘
Here is what I wore: 

This is the most Texan stuff I own!
Dress: Tee for the Soul

Boots: Some brand from Journeys 

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Clutch: Michael Kors

It was just a super fun weekend!! I always love Labor Day Weekend because it signifies a shift in seasons! I always get excited when the seasons change!

How was your LDW??


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