A Week of Awesome!


I had a pretty fabulous week/weekend! I chilled more than usual, but that is sometimes necessary for crazy busy people like me! 


On Tuesday, we took a break and had a double date to the state fair with our friends Sarabeth and Dalton! They are my college friends and we are lucky enough to get to hang out regularly! It’s nice to have another married couple to cavort with! Here we are with some fried Oreos, my all time favorite fair food!

Ben prefers to be the photographer! 
I kept it casual and classy with jeans, a Ralph Lauren button down, pearls, and a headband. That is about as casual as I like to get when I’m out at a big event! You never know who you could bump into!

Things we ate at the fair:

  • Watermelon pie (creamy and delicious)
  • Fried Oreos (what I wait for every year)
  • Fried cheese on a stick (as good as it sounds)
  • Captain Crunch corn dogs (weirdly delicious)
  • Chocolate covered bacon (anticlimactic)
  • Edible cookie dough (as if regular cookie dough isn’t…)
  • A few local wine samples (there was one that had a title I couldn’t say without giggling! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜…)

It was such a blast, and so worth the full stomach! We did literally nothing but eat! No regrets! 


I totally rested during the day, but in the evening, a group of us from work went to see our fellow teacher perform with her band! They were awesome!! Plus, we discovered Bedlam BBQ in OKC! The food was delicious, and there is a gorgeous back patio area with strung lights and pretty trees! None of us watching had been, so it was an awesome experience! Here is a pic:

Our friend Sarah was wonderful! Here is a link if you want to check out Bedlam BBQ: 


Today was a true Sunday Funday! We started off with brunch at Park Avenue Grill in the Skirvin Hilton hotel. I read about their brunch in the Gazette over a year ago, and oh my lanta!! They did not exaggerate. I got the braised short rib Benedict, as recommended by various sources, and it was the best Benedict of my life! The meat, kale, pickled red onion, and bleu cheese hollandaise made it unforgettable! Plus, it was only $14!! 😲

I also got a delicious latte, since I was not in the mood for anything stronger. They did a triple hazelnut vanilla latte, and it was to die for! 

Dark lighting, but I was feeling pretty extra in my floppy hat! My goal was effortless elegance today! 
Aside from the wonderful meal and ambiance, we got a stellar guitar performance by Edgar Cruz, who is pretty well known locally. He takes song requests from an extensive list, and I picked Scarborough Fair and Don’t Cry For me, Argentina! He did a beautiful job, and jokingly informed me I was too young to know those songs! #oldsoul 

If you want more information on this awesome performer, go here:


Then Ben studied while I went to an invigorating Zumba class at the Y! I always love my Sunday Zumba class! Later, Ben surprised me with a movie date to see the new Kingsman movie! We loved the first one and were not disappointed with the sequel! It was hilarious, and props to Ben for being so spontaneous! It was so spontaneous, I actually went out in my workout clothes! Oh well, sometimes that’s okay! πŸ˜‰

Thanks for being a part of my awesome week!! I can’t wait to share some more amazing things about this coming one! I am already excited for some fun activities! How was your week? Let me know!


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