When to Stop

Picture from the family’s country home!

Y’all. I LOVE to work. I have 3 jobs right now, and nothing gives me more joy and fulfillment than crushing it at work! Some have even called me a workaholic. This past week, however, has made me realize that breaks are okay sometimes.
On Sunday night, my dad lost his battle with colon cancer. I was heartbroken, but the wake (we don’t do funerals in my family) is not until December. What did I do? I kept my nail appointment that day to maintain my professional image and rolled into work on Monday for 14 hours straight. People told me to take some time, but as sad as I was, I felt even more stress when I thought about missing work. It was conference week!! 

In comes Tuesday, and I did the same thing, except that I only had an 11 hour day! That was a “break” for me. The harder I worked, the less I had to think about my dad. Unfortunately, I must have still been distracted in the back of my mind, because I totaled my car while driving us to a dinner date after work. Now we are down to one car for a couple weeks and having to deal with insurance stuff on top of the family stress. Surely I would take a day off then!

Nope. Back to work on Wednesday morning and receiving many phone calls from family members telling me to rest and take some time to process things. Honestly, it just made me hoppin’ mad! Working is how I want to get through things! Taking a break shows weakness! I made it through my lunch duty, where my boss straight up told me to take care of myself and let me know that it would not tarnish my reputation. Losing my positive professional reputation is one of my biggest fears, and hearing from my wonderful boss that it wouldn’t happen helped me make the right decision. I finally (reluctantly) decided to take everyone’s advice. I got my stuff together for the sub, went to teach my night class, and packed up my things.

I am writing this today from the country house in Beggs. I spent the whole day chilling with my mother-in-law, reading old cookbooks, and taking time to relax and reflect on my loss. I still feel restless, but I am relaxing for the next couple days so that I can return on Monday as my best self. No matter how much of a boss babe you are, sometimes breaks make you stronger and more effective. Listen to yourself when you begin to run on empty, and fill your cup so you can bless others, or at least not total your car! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for reading a more serious piece than what I usually post! I almost wanted to wait and just blog again about something happy, but life, even my pretty blessed one, is not always that way. These times remind us to appreciate the great times that much more. Wonderful times are ahead, but I need to get through this week first.


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