Rolling Ice Cream and Crepes

What the heck is this?!?! The answer to that question is a relatively new (at least to Oklahoma) dessert trend: Rolled ice cream! Lychee rolled ice cream with mango boba and coconut flakes, to be specific! I’d heard of it and passed by the new shop, but we didn’t try it until yesterday afternoon, while we were taking full advantage of fall break! It didn’t disappoint!

The place is called Rolling Ice Cream and Crepes, and it’s off 2nd and Bryant in the shopping center with Which Wich, which was why we were there for lunch in the first place. I remembered that I wanted to try rolled ice cream, so we stopped in for dessert! The first thing we noticed was how cute and colorful it was! 

Dessert is probably my second favorite thing after Jesus (duh), and eating dessert in a happy environment makes it even better!!! The only thing that would make it better is PINK! 
After we appreciated the ambiance, we got to savor that flavor, baby!! The ice cream was delicious! It’s a bit harder than normal ice cream, probably to keep the rolled shape, but the taste did not suffer! I will say that the medium was pretty darn big! We probably would have been fine with smalls! Next time, we want to try one of the ice cream filled crepes!! Mmmm!! 

Y’all should go and check it out! We will definitely be back!

See you next time!


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