Hold Out for your Break

Howdy!! ๐Ÿค—

Today I am going to get just slightly personal, all in the name of giving people some hope! Many of us come across a season of life that leaves a legacy of hardship and pain. They say those things come in threes, and there seems to be a snowball effect once they start. This is often when people say things like, “I just can’t catch a break.” Weirdly enough, dim though it may seem, this is the point where we need to think the exact opposite.

Let me take you back to just this fall. First, my dad died. I’m adopted, and this is my adoptive dad who took me in and raised me after my own could not. Both of my birth parents died years ago, and the (only) crappy part about adoption is going through that twice. The good news is that the death ended his year and a half of cancer, and he is frolicking around up above with no pain. The selfish part of me, however, is still not cool with it.

You may be thinking that while that situation is terrible, at least it’s just one thing. Well, not even a week later, I totaled my car and it was so my fault. No one was injured, thank God, but while insurance took for-literally-ever (okay, figuratively) to settle, we had to go around with one car on completely different schedules. It happened to be our, ahem, senior citizen car as well, as I totaled the 2016. I also got a ticket, on top of the deductible and having to buy a new car. It was rough!

Yeah, okay, but it comes in threes. Where’s the third? I guess this one was technically the first. We had identity theft this fall and ended up with $48 in our bank account. My bank didn’t even notice, or think it was weird that someone took THOUSANDS of dollars out for various wire transfer things that I don’t entirely understand.

I am not telling you all of this to complain, but to let you know that I felt that there were no breaks this fall, and some of you may be feeling the exact same way. However, I chose to remain positive. I kept praying, and never stopped working hard. My goal was to be the best I could be and to believe that this was only a passing season. Luckily for me, I was right, and you will be too if you keep a positive attitude and manifest happy energy!

First, the bank gave us a full refund with barely any hoops to jump through! Having a responsible record has its perks! Then, much later on, we got an insane end of the year special on a new car, and because of certain paperwork, we were able to go through with it before insurance finished their stuff! The deal was better than what we got on our last car, and our monthly payment for the 2017 Honda Civic is LESS than the 2016 we had! Our interest rate went way down. Again, responsible decisions pay off, especially when they affect your credit score! ๐Ÿ˜Š

Finally, there were some appliances we were going to buy that just showed up to us out of the blue, which changes our budget for the better! That was just the icing on the cake!

My story is definitely not the only one that involves someone catching a break after a long time! I truly believe that being positive and open really helped move things along. Your prayers are listened to, so don’t give up, even if your season of hardship is long. It always comes back up! Are things perfect now? Absolutely not! I still miss my dad like crazy, but I am still thankful for a slowly healing heart and a bucket full of blessings in my life. I’m sure we will all have sad times again, but they never stay that way. If you are in the midst of those times, hold out for your break! It’s coming!

By the way, here’s my new car! I am a Honda Civic girl all the way! The only change I made was from 2016 to 2017!

I hope this cheered you up! Thanks for reading! And please reach out to me if you feel like things are just too bad! I’d love to talk!


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