Vintage Fabulous

Hello and happy Sunday Funday! I hope yours was filled with joy and relaxation! Mine was pretty fabulous, mostly because I wore a bunch of authentic vintage pieces to church today!

The outfit itself is current, but the hat, earrings, and clutch are vintage pieces, all from my adoptive Mom!! She is close to 80, and has kept many of her pieces over the years. She is now downsizing, and she passed down several items to me, for which I am most grateful!

The hat is ’60s, we believe, and in great condition! You are supposed to put a pin on the long part, so the hat can have many different looks! The pin I’m wearing today matches my earrings. My mom got the set at a home party for jewelry in the ’60s, and it has held up beautifully! They are great statement pieces! Plus, the pearl in the middle means that I can match it with my pearl necklaces, as I did today!

The clutch is real eel skin, and it’s from the ’80s! I never knew this, but eel skin handbags and wallets were an ultimate status symbol back then. They were expensive and sleek, so all the “it girls” had them! I guess my mom was pretty cool! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was worth the money, because it is still in great condition 35 years later! I love the smooth elegance!

I am so thankful to have some true vintage pieces in my wardrobe! Some people would probably want to sell some of the items she gave me, but I think they are both stylish and sentimental. My goal is to take care of them so that my future daughter can have them next! Stay tuned for more awesome pieces from Mom’s wardrobe!

Do you have family items like that? What are they? Let me know, and thanks for reading!


Jewelry Organizer

Okay, this is embarrassing, but I have never been very good at organizing my jewelry. It usually ends up tangled in a box unless it’s fine jewelry, Kendra Scott, or Rustic Cuff. I tried a pocket organizer in college for a while, but then I got obsessed with statement necklaces and they didn’t fit, so back to the box I went! I was tired of not giving love to my less delicate jewelry, so I just started using a super cute jewelry organizer! It serves two purposes:

1. To keep my jewelry organized and untangled, duh!

2. To remind me that I have some super awesome pieces that aren’t pearls or Kendra! (But let’s be real, I’m still going to wear those the most!)

I got mine for around $12 at Kirkland’s, so cute ones are super affordable! Mine is packed pretty tight and I’m still working on the aesthetics, but here it is!

I just love the little pineapple and the pink and gold together! Obsessed!! This will hopefully encourage me to stay organized and branch out more! It’s also a fun way to show off some of my more costume-y jewelry right there on my dresser! My more delicate jewelry is, of course, individually packaged and in a safe place! ๐Ÿ˜Š

How do y’all organize your jewelry? Do you have any cute organizers to recommend? Let me know!

Talk to you tomorrow!