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Desk Makeover

Good evening, y’all! Tomorrow is back to work and I’m PUMPED!!! I went to my classroom today and added to my desk to make it a little more exciting! It is by no means a crazy awesome desk, but little things make my work space a bit more fun!

I got a really awesome handmade name plate from my mother-in-law for Christmas, so I put it dead center!

That plus the new sparkly ribbon makes the desk just a bit more fun from the new year! I always like to do a little something extra to combat that post-holiday letdown! Coming in during break is worth it, because you can set up a fun new vibe by just doing a couple tiny things! I set up my math stations activity and dance team stuff as well, just so I can roll in feeling prepared and ready to go! Totally worth the hour spent at work on the last day of break!

How many of you teachers/students are going back soon? Let me know how you like to get back into the groove!